Yesterday’s Adventures and some important information…

Jet lag was the name of yesterdays game. I made the mistake of crashing too early Friday night. I found myself wide awake at 2 in the AM. I tossed and turned for the rest of the night. Miserable. Needless to say, I was ready to get going when the sun finally came up Saturday morning. Our first order of business was breakfast. (See previous post.) We were left to figure it out on our own, so we boarded a song tow and headed towards the city. We found a little noodle joint and settled in for some nice noodles and pork for breakfast. It was actually quite good. After we had breakfast, we went back to wait for Kate so she could take us to lunch.

For lunch, we went to Central Airport Plaza, which is basically a big mall. We got us some good ol’ American style hamburgers. It was amazing. Then, Bobby and I had a brilliant idea.

Ultimate Frisbee. Yes, it’s true. It’s time for the Thai children to learn one of the greatest games of all time. So, we found a sports store and bought a super dinky frisbee. We’re not even sure if it will fly, but it’s worth a try. Apparently it’s “the new sport for sport lovers.” At least that’s what it said on the box. So, we’re going to attempt to make it catch when we get to Maelenoi.

Next, we visited Manee in the hospital. This is one amazing story. Two years ago our group traveled to a remote village to do some medical work. While there, they found Manee and told her parents she had severe heart problems and might not make it through the year and she would need surgery immediately. So, Mike and his team set out to make it happen. And, here we are two years later and she has had her surgery and is doing very well. We are told she could go home as early as tomorrow! Victory!

The grocery store was next on the list. Bobby and I secured some Cookie Crisp and a couple of small bottles of milk. So good. Water was a priority as well. And last night, we partied. Haha. But, it was more like trying not to fall asleep. Kate bought us so much food. There were bowls and bowls of fruit, scrambled eggs, rice, noodles, salad, and coke. It was so much. We just thought we were going to sit around and eat Pringles, but she went all out for us. It was fun, we sat around the table and talked and laughed and I tried to learn some Thai. We concluded the evening playing cards. It was a blast.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Chocolate Milk can be found here. I had some yesteday. For those of you who know the significance of chocolate milk, do a little jig dance.