While across the biggest pond…


I had a meeting tonight with Mike (The man in charge, but not so much the man with the plan) and my three other fellows who will be flying to the other side of the world with me. It’s going to be a good trip. Real good.

Here is our tentative schedule during the trip.

May 16 – arriving Chiang Mai
May 17, 18 – travel to Maesariang then to Maelanoi
May 24 – travel to Maesot ( meet up with AAI staff and Natalee.Amanda, Joel/Jer
May 25,26 – Buen Klung
May 27 – to Maesot
May 28 – take bus to Maesariang, back to Maelanoi
May 29-June 10 Maelanoi school
June 11,12 Etitha camp
June 16-July 11 teaching in Maehongson
June 21-26can join softball team
Till July 12 or 13 come back to Chiang Mai

During our time in Maelanoi, Bobby and I will be teaching english in the morning and spending time “building relationships” in the afternoon. By that, I definitely mean playing soccer and running around with kids until we pass out from the heat. Amazing. They also want us to spend as much time as possible getting to know the staff at the school. Apparently they are super, super nice and will wait on us hand and foot. While there, I’m pretty sure our diet will consist of as much chicken and rice as we can handle. Mealanoi is where we will spend the majority of our time. It’s also where the Dogwood folks will be when the finally venture across the pond in July! It will be fefreshing to see some friends, I’m sure.

Bobby and I also plan on spending some time traveling to break up our time in Maelanoi. Apparently it’s incredibly easy to travel domestically in every country except our own. Ha. They are going to buy us a moped so we can commute easily between Maelanoi and Maesariang. Now that will be awesome!

Our two other partners, Natalie and Amanda, will be spending their time in Mae Ai (This is where I was two years ago.) Bobby and I hope to scoot on over there and hook up with them and see some old friends.

Mike also wants us to meet the Free Burma Rangers and spend some time at refugee camps doing work and helping with some of the children. (They said they would give me a machete for this part of the trip seeing as how we will be hiking in the jungle and stuff. I was told I might even get to kill a cobra. BADOW!)

I think, however, when we get there things may change pretty drastically. But hey, what would a mission trip to the other side of the world be if there weren’t some serious plans changed and adventures to be had? Not a very good one if you ask me!

Thanks so much for your prayers and your support. Continue to pray for the Burmese people. I heard today the death toll is around 100,000 now. I honestly hope they will let us go in and do relief work while we are there. Keep praying for the schools we will be visiting. Specifically that lasting relationships will be built and they will want us to continue to come back. Finally, pray that no matter where we are or what we are doing we will carry the banner of our Lord, Jesus Christ with honor, humility and courage!