Urgent Prayer.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. I have copied an email sent to several of us from Mike. Please take the time to read and pray. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

Dear Board,

This urgent prayer request is being sent out to everyone on our prayer list. Please pray for Dave Eubank, his family and the Free Burma Rangers ministry. This is our sister ministry for the work we are doing to support Karen orphans, both in Burma and in refugee camps in Thailand. The letter below is from Kate, one of our staff in Thailand. I also received a call from Dave’s sister requesting prayer.

More to come…please stop and pray!



Dear Friends,

We have an urgent prayer request from our sister ministry along the Thai/Burma border. Dave Eubank and his family have been arrested by the Thai police for helping the Karen people survive attacks against the Burmese army. Dave’s ministry, the Free Burma Rangers (FBR), is the only lifeline for many internally displaced people (IDP’s) inside Burma. The new Thai government, in exhange for access to Burmese natural resources, is trying to shut down humanitarian aid to Karen IDP’s.

Our ministry has partnered with FBR to care for orphans. We support orphans both inside Burma and those who have been able to make it to refugee camps in Thailand. We will have more on this later…for now, pray that God will rescue Dave, give him wisdom, and allow him to stay in Thailand and not be deported.

The message below is from Kate, one of our staff in Thailand. Our team was preparing to go down to a children’s hostel on the border. This was cancelled when Dave was arrested. Pray also that our staff will find another way to take rice, medical and educational supplies to the children we support there.


Mike, Wanda, Joel

Dear Mike,

The trip to Tak was cancel yesterday. Because of David Eubank and his wife and Kids was arrested last yesterday. On the way back to ChingMai (He went to his friend’s wedding from Mae Sa Reng) the soldier arrested him with 2 cars and took him to Tak to meet the commander. The commander order him to sigh the paper that he have to stop with FBR and do not go in side Burma anymore.

All that I know yesterday he don’t want to sight make the pungent on him. He still in the camp can not contact him. Allan try to call his friends who work in minister and the commander to help him.

So yesterday we already to go but we got the new from David. So we have to wait and see the situation if David OK then we can go. This is very hard situation. The government will exile him. Please pray for this issue.

For the trip if the situation of David is OK we still go.

Will see.

Now it’s very hard if we try to help Karen in Burma…We have to be wise to work on it. The new government very difficult for us to help Karen and also Refugee Camp. I will update you asap.