Time Stoppage…

Yes, I wish I had learned the art of time stoppage. Apparently in the northern jungles of Thailand, there are groups of ancient masters who can slow or completely stop the passage of time. It’s an art which has been passed down from teacher to student for centuries. I recently learned of this mystical group and went searching for them. To my dismay, I never found this alleged group of time controllers.

All that being said, I wish I could slow down time and stay here longer. It seems only yesterday I left Atlanta, but here it is seven weeks later. Unreal. I’ll be home in 14 days. I already miss Thailand.

Today was a good day. Did some laundry and set a pool record. 8.5s. New swimsuit. pfhh. How about goergia gym shirts and a heart of desire? Done.

I miss everyone at home. I really do! I can’t wait to see smiling faces and share my adventures with you.