The Why and the How…

The how we do ministry looks different in every church. Or at least it should…

There are different people. Different cultures. Different cities. And with that in mind, we should make sure our how caters to the people in our specific community. That should be a no brainer. If your ministry doesn’t fit the culture, don’t expect people to flock to your Sunday mornings.

And while the how should look different, the why should not. They why of course is Jesus. We do all we do because Jesus did it and he said, “go.”

We are compelled by the gospel to reach the unreachable. To forgive the unforgivable. To love the unlovable.

We are compelled by the gospel to do. To give. And to serve.

But, if we start doing the how without the why, our ministry will suffer. Here’s the deal, people show up where Jesus is lifted up. People may be attracted to a model or a name or a church, but they won’t stay. A model doesn’t keep people. A name doesn’t keep people.

Jesus keeps people. Where Jesus is lifted up, people will gather. There’s something about that guy that makes me people wonder. He makes people hope. He gives people the reason to continue when life is just miserable.

May we be bearers of the name of Jesus before we ever decide the how when it comes to our ministry. 

If you take out the why then the how has no legs to stand on.