The Ultimate Geek Out

Some great things have happened since I last posted. Friday we traveled to Mae Si so we could continue in Thailand legally. We crossed over into Burma for about an hour and did some shopping in Thachileck. It’s amazing the difference a hundred yards can make. The level of poverty sky rocketed instantly when we crossed. It broke my heart into a million little tiny pieces. I began to find it very hard to breathe as a little child followed me between the rows of stores, grabbing my hand and asking for Baht. Needless to say, the only good thing which came from Tachileck are the Thai style pants I grabbed. They are amazing.

After leaving Mae Si we traveled through the town of Mae Chan which was beautiful. I don’t know what it was, but I really liked the little town. We finally made it back to Mae Ai after about seven hours total of winding mountain roads and more fried chicken then we could handle. For some reason, the folks in Mae Ai think all we like to eat is fried chicken and sticky rice. So, we ate it just about the whole time we were there.

Yesterday was a travel day. We hopped on the bus about 2 in the pm and headed back to Chiang Mai for the weekend. It wasn’t so bad. When we got back, we had some din din and spent the night roaming through the Night Bazaar, which is basically a place to buy unlegit DVD’s and knock of Lacostes. Good times.

Today, Bobby and I slept in and spent the day wondering through the mall. We were browsing through some bookstores and I stumbled across a cycling magazine and I realized how much I missed my bike. Sad, right? ha. I mentiond it to Bobby and he brought up a very good point. Right around the time I bought my bike were some rough times, and believe it or not, riding my bike helped pull me out of a funk I had been living under. I know it’s a little silly, but I truly believed God used it. It’s amazing how he uses little things in life to carry bits and pieces of himself and bring little pinpricks of light in the middle of seemingly endless darkness. I know it’s only a bike to you, but to me it’s something God gave to me and said, “Hey, this makes me smile and I want you to smile too.” So, he gave it to me. And I smiled.

And tonight, we saw the Incredible Hulk. I’m not sure I even know what to say. After the first one a few years ago, I was a little skeptical about this new one. If you saw the first one, you would have to agree my fears were legitimate. But, this was Sick, Sick, Sick. It was the ultimate geek out moment. All the Thai people sitting around me were laughing and pointing at the crazy farang who was fist pumping and stomping his feet. If you’re planning on seeing it, prepare for a geek out moment which will make your girlfriend break up with you. Seriously.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You’re awesome. I’ve been praying for you these past few months and I’m excited for the things God has in store for you. It’s only going to get better. Love ya, man.