The Least of These…


I am writing you from Branson, Missouri. The last ten days I have been living the life at K-Kountry hanging out with kids. Riding water slides. Playing football. And jumping on blobs. Obviously, the greatest summer of all time.

Right before I left for camp, the Lord starting working on my heart. I thought it interesting he started calling on me to be the man he created me to be days before I left to spend six weeks in the presence of 9 year olds. How can nine year olds tear down the walls built around my heart? How can nine year olds lead me to the presence of the Lord? How can nine year olds teach me how to love and serve and act the way I was created to? What can a 9 year teach me about courage? How can a 9 year old teach me how to stand up for what’s right?

When I left for camp, I thought I was going to have to put what the Lord was taching me on hold and pick it back up in August when it came time for more sitting on the railroad tracks perched precariosuly high above rushing water and certain death should an untimely fall occur (how about that sentence?).

But the thought ocurred to me the other day that maybe, just maybe, the Lord knew what he was doing when he sent me to camp. Maybe he knew I would have something to learn from a cabin full of nine year olds and a seven year old named John with red hair who faced his greatest fear with courage King David would be proud of and jumped on the blob for the first time in his life two nights ago. Maybe a 7 year old knows more about how to be a man then this 21 year old. Could it be that a 9 year named Ryan Lynn who jumped into my arms and gave my neck a death grip before he even knew my name knows more about how to be a man than me?

You see, a child’s heart is pure. A chid’s heart is automatically trusting. A child’s heart only knows one way to love. Full speed. A child’s heart knows how to express emotion. A child’s heart knows how to care. A child’s heart smiles and laughs. Does my own heart know all of those things?

Sure there are kids who know hate and spite. Sure there are kids who pick on other kids and who cheat and lie. But most kids, like John, are pure at heart. Smile a lot. Face any challenge. Love to win. And laugh loud.

Could it be these kids are going to teach me how to be a man in the eyes of the Lord?

I think the answer is yes. Stay tuned.

Laugh out loud. Cycle. And Party.