The Good ‘Ol Boys Club, Part 1

The Good ‘Ol Boys Club strikes again. This one is NSFW, fam. Not because the video is bad but because you might lose it after you watch the video.

Over the weekend, John MacArthur and his buddies showed out in embarrassing fashion at the Truth Conference.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the beginning of the conversation…

Todd Friel (moderator): I will say a word and the three of you need to give a one-word or pithy response to the word… 

John MacArthur: I feel like I’m being set up. 

*Audience Laughs*

Todd Friel: We are going to start out… this is kind of touching your toes in the water… Easy, Easy set up for you. Let’s begin with an easy one… The word is Beth Moore…

*Audience Laughs*

JM: How many words do I get…? 

TF: You know… think about it carefully this time… the last time we did this, the guy wrote a book about it and we don’t want that… 

JM: I was thinking the same word… GO HOME!

*Audience Laughs and Cheers*

TF: *Laughs like Santa Claus*

There are very few words I can use to describe such an incredible display of arrogance and sexism. Theological discussion on women preaching aside, this is no way to treat anyone. Ever.

When the moderator asks you to respond with a pithy response you know you have started on the wrong foot. And then, when you throw a person under the bus when they are not even around to defend themselves, it is cowardly. This is literally an abuse of momentary power to leverage the weakness of others to prop yourself up. There is no way around it. It’s the type of thing Jesus explicitly mentioned as not compatible with the Kingdom of God. 

This is not surprising, however. The Kingdom is not comprised of arrogant men. As a matter of fact, this moment will do more to harm the Kingdom than it will do anything else. Perhaps these good ‘ol bros were not expecting the video to go public. Again, this is another sign the Kingdom is far from this place. Kingdom-minded folks realize everything they do matters and would assume someone who was far from God was around and was paying attention.

We reflect the God we believe in to the world around us. The world is watching. If we keep acting like this, the world will send us to our rooms and forget to give us dinner.

(I made this part one because I have a feeling the GOBC will strike again.)

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