The best of the best.

In light of sad evangelism…Bobby and i have put together a sure fire list to bring people into the saving graces of Jesus Christ.

Need an analogy? Here are a few of the best…

Jesus is like…

  1. …a softball glove. He will surely catch you and nevers makes an error.
  2. …Mr. Potato Head and we are the arms and feet. Some of us are the big clown feet while others are simply extra parts stuck in the behind compartment.
  3. …a Reese’s Pieces. Every bite is better then the first.
  4. …the Lochness Monster. If you catch a glimpse, your life will never be the same.
  5. …a pancake. The Holy Spirit is equally distributed like the syrup. As a opposed to the waffle where the syrup is hindered by the million little squares.
  6. …the 7/11. It has everything you need and is open 24/7.
  7. …is like facebook. He has tons of friends and is hipper than myspace.
  8. …is like Google. It’s the best and always has the best results when searching.
  9. …is like Marble Slab Ice Cream. I can tell you how good it is, but until you try it you’ll never know.
  10. …is like coffee. He gives to energy to kick start your day.
  11. …is like Sprite. He is refreshing whatever the circumstance.
  12. …is like chocolate milk. It’s just good.
  13. …is like Frisbee. Anyone can play and it’s for all ages.
  14. …is like a yo-yo. You can take him anywhere and he totally dominates the sleeper.
  15. …is like pro wrestling. If you think he’s fake, I dare you to climb in the ring.