Sunsets here and there.

I’m sitting on the pier on St. Simons Island watching the sun go down out over the water. My thoughts are drifting back to the wonderful evening I spent sitting on top of the mountain in Mae Hong Son. A flood of memories come rushing back, none of which stands out more than the spirit of contentedness my heart felt that evening. Even now those same feelings are invading my heart and reminding me who I am. Who I have become. Where the lord has brought me and where he is taking me.

As I sit here and watch with gulls diving and fishing boats coming to port, I am reminded of the God I fell so madly in love with over the summer. He is the same God today, here on this pier, as He was then, on top of the mountain. And tomorrow, He’ll be the same God. His love never fails, always endures, and never ceases to amaze. No matter where I am. Whether high or low. Here or there. Western or Eastern hemisphere. He is God who loves. He is a God who saves. And he is a God who restores.

He makes everything glorious and he made me.