Rock, lock, and rollin’.

It’s been the name of the game for the last two days. We hit it full speed yesterday with an early morning church service, some baptisms on the mountain, and a full carnival to boot. It was intense.

The church service was amazing. Once again, even though I didn’t understand much, it was edifying to the spirit. I did, however, get to do some speaking. It might not have been great or it might have been, but whatever it was, I had a blast doing it. Jesus has a way of taking simple things and making them big things for his glory. Kind of like, five loaves of bread and two fish. (Which, was what the message was all about.) Then we headed to the top of the mountain to welcome some folks into the family. All we had was a concrete pond and a mountain and cold water. But, we did it. 21 came forward and I got to baptize a few. There isn’t too much in this world more humbling then baptizing some kids and welcoming them into the Kingdom. I will never forget it.

Today was just a blast. I think we probably saw close to 300 different faces throughout the day at VBS. It was a little crazy after lunch, but it was fine by me. The paint crew is at full speed and at their pace, could finish early.

Hopefully there will be some pictures coming soon! The internet is a little janky.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.