Puddle jumping and plane hopping.

When I was a wee little kid, Mom and I would go jump in puddles after it rained. Today, I jumped a puddle wearing an airplane. It took us nearly thirty hours, three different planes, and two tylenol PM’s, but we’re here.

The adventure has truly begun. Now that I’m here, I remember how much I loved it last time I traipsed across the ocean. I’m so excited to finally get to come back and spend a summer.

The plane rides were just wondeful. I slept seven hours of the fourteen it took crossing the Pacific. The flight from Atlanta to San Francisco actually seemed to take the longest! When we landed in Hong Kong we hopped on a train and scooted out to the city so we could walk around for half an hour. We all had our cameras out and our backpacks, but somehow we didn’t look like tourists at all. hmm. We actually rode the elevator up to the top of a hotel and looked out. It’s a big city.

Tomorrow, our plane leaves at 12.45pm to take us to Chaing Mai. We are all greatful to have a good nights rest tonight!

Thanks for you prayers and support. I’ll continue to keep you updated as much as possible.