MagSafe and Ironman.

1. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “magsafe” it is simply this: an idiot proof power adapter for your Apple laptop. Because sometimes people like to get up from their laptop and kick the power chord and if wasn’t simply connected to the computer via a magnet, the whole thing would fly off on the floor resulting in one screaming, “idiot”.

2. When speaking of Ironman, I am indeed talking about the inventor who created a suit out of metal complete with rocker boosters, missiles, an awesome computer, and an artificial intelligence whose name is ‘Jarvis.’

We are now on the same page, so I will continue with my thoughts.


(Spoiler Alert. In case you haven’t seen the first Ironman.)

I was watching Ironman with my family the other day and we got to the part at the end when the fight happens between Stark and his counterpart, who happens to be wearing a big, mammoth of a “blow things up” armored suit. Unfortunately, Ironman is rapidly losing power to his “slightly smaller but can still blow everything up” armored suit.

As I watched there was a time in the movie when Ironman’s suit only had fifteen percent power left in the batteries. A question formed in my mind, “Is the suit at only fifteen percent of it’s original strength or does it operate at 100 percent for 15 more percent of time?”

Then I started thinking about my computer and I realized even when my computer has 1 percent left on the battery, it still operates at full strength. And when my computer dies it works at full strength and speed and power as soon as it is connected back to it’s power source.

Sometimes I feel like I have to earn God’s favor back after my heart has been disconnected for a few days. Almost like there is some kind of checklist of things or actions I must do in order to obtain the necessary amount of bonus point required to get back to right standing with God.

But, I know this isn’t true. I have been spending some time in the book of Romans recently and here we see Paul crafting a beautiful argument against the law simply stating the purpose of the law was to show us we are indeed sinful. However, righteousness is credited by faith and not by works.

“But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been revealed… this righteousness is given by faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.”

There is no amount of things I can do to earn God’s favor or his love or his mercy. It is always present. Always alive. Always true. The problem is me.

My power source is the Holy Spirit sent by Jesus to fill my heart with his joy and his power. Am I connected?

Drink coffee. Ride a bike. Laugh loud.