Mae Hong Son.

Bobby and I arrived in Mae Hong Son Monday. The flight was all of 35 minutes from Chiang Mai. Definitely worth skipping the six and a half hour bus ride. When we got here, Kate brought us to our place of residence. It’s amazing. It sits at the bottom of a mountan. It’s a guest house at a local resort. It has a pool and hot water and AC and a comfortable bed. This time around, we also have a moped for cruising. Wonderful.

The town of Mae Hong Son is amazing. It’s small, but not too small. It’s sits in the valley between two huge mountains with a river flowing through it.  It doesn’t get too hot. The best way I can describe it is “towny.” I think. It’s really laid back. You can tell it’s kind of tourist town during the season, but it isn’t that time of year. It’s just awesome. So, far it’s my favorite place I’ve been in Thailand.

Bobby and I were exploring last night on the moped and it hit me, “I’m riding on a moped, between the mountains, on the streets of Thailand. It’s like a dream or the things you see in movies.”

Yesterday, Kate took us to the schools. Yes, plural. Bobby and I will be teaching at two schools while we are here. Crazy. Yesterday was insane. I was in a senior class and I was just supposed to introduce myself and let the kids ask me questions. I got asked to teach the union and intersection of sets and passive voice. WHAT? I fumbled big time on passive voice. Who asks to learn this? jeez.

Haha. Oh well. Win some, lose some.