Dear Thanksgiving,

Your time is quickly approaching. It seems, however, each year another holiday seems to overshadow you. Christmas comes earlier and earlier. Even now, Christmas music is being played, houses are being decorated, and commercials are promoting this winter festival. For this, I must apologize. If it weren’t for you, Christmas wouldn’t be what it is. You see, people don’t understand it’s you who put us in the mood for Christmas trees and flashy lights. If it weren’t for you, and you’re fall gala event, we would not love this season. It wouldn’t be a time for remembering family, friends, and others we love. It wouldn’t be a time to join together in feast and remember what we are all most thankful for. Remembering the greatness of those around us keeps us from simply wanting gifts for Christmas. Because of you, we become selfless instead of selfish.

May your greatness as a holiday live on even if Christmas is slowly creeping on your turf. Personally, I promise not to celebrate Christmas until you have passed and the last turkey leg is gone. Thank you for reminding me the holidays are not about getting, but about loving those who have given so much already.

Yours truly,