Grace is Enough.

In a culture where love wins, we ignore the power and concept of grace. What if grace is something more? Something beyond what we can know and see? I don’t think we will ever understand the fullness of God’s grace, but I think we are missing a crucial piece of Grace.

First, grace is salvation.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith… 

To the unsaved, this is the best news in the whole entire universe. And if we could go beyond the whole entire universe, this would still be the best news. You see, salvation is not and cannot be earned. It is a gift through faith. Good works don’t save us. Loving enough people won’t save us. Attending enough church services won’t save us.

Only grace. And grace is enough.

I think most Christians get that. We understand grace saved us. But somehow, after salvation we lose grace. We try to live like this Jesus guy in our power and in our own way. We seek to do as he does the best way we know how. We try to muscle our way through sin and sit on our hands in an effort to not do what we know we shouldn’t.

But I’m here to tell you, Grace is more than that. It goes beyond the salvation of those who are lost. Grace’s work isn’t done at “admit, believe, commit.” No. Grace flows from the creator in abundance. It never stops. It’s reach is never limited. No sin is too big to hinder it’s power.

My grace is sufficient for you… 

I read this verse and picked up a dictionary and looked up the word sufficient. Sufficient means “enough.”

Grace is enough. It is never too much or too little.

It is enough.

It is enough for your breakup. It is enough for your marriage. It is enough for you high school math class. It is enough if your parents are getting a divorce. It is enough for you sadness, your joy.

Grace is enough for salvation. It is enough for the life of the most devout christian.

We miss this sometimes. We look past this more often then we should. Grace sustains us. It gets us through the day. Through any circumstance.

It is our sustenance. It is enough.

I do not set aside the grace of God… 

Let’s not set it aside either and instead live in the clutches of a grace we could never understand.