Dedicated to Best Friends.

Dear Future Heir,

A long time ago, when you were still young, you made a decision to follow after me. We walked together for many years. Through many highs and many lows, we traveled through life. But as you got older, you drifted away from me and let go of my hand. You stopped looking in my eyes and stopped letting me lead you.

I watched as you moved farther and farther away from me, drifting so far from my path I wondered if you could ever find your way back. You began to stumble and struggle through the thick underbrush of thorns. I sent my Son in after you. To clear a path for you and fight off the wild things attacking you. He hacked through the thorn and the bush and took the cuts and the wounds so you wouldn’t have to. I begged and pleaded for you to look at what he did for you, what he is doing for you. But your eyes were still wild with lust and you could not see clearly. You stumbled over and over and over. So far gone you were, I could barely see you. I could hear your cry but the darkness surrounding you is getting thicker.

My adopted son, listen to me now. This path you have chosen is nothing compared to the life I have for you. No matter how far you go and wildly you run, I am still with you. We walked together once and my  light will forever be on your heart. No matter the darkness, my light can never be extinguished. No matter how hard you try to deny me in your life, I will always be there. Watching. Protecting. Loving.

You are my man. I have great things for you. Bigger things then you could ever imagine. I will take you to the farthest regions of the world bring many into salvation through you. Just know, my adopted son, I am pursuing you even now. Just one glance in my direction and I will come running. I am after your heart even now. Give ear and hear. There is an itch under your skin for something more. Something bigger. There is a restlessness in your heart at the life you have chosen. It’s me. I am knocking. I am coming for you. I will relentlessly pursue you with everything I have. My mark is on your heart and I am a good shepherd.

Will you trust me now?

I am coming to pull you out and give you life. Hang on to something. It’s going to get loco.

This is dedicated to my best friend from the time I could walk. Give ear, brother, and choose life.