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The Good ‘Ol Boys Club, Part 1

The Good ‘Ol Boys Club strikes again. This one is NSFW, fam. Not because the video is bad but because you might lose it after you watch the video. Over the weekend, John MacArthur and his buddies […]

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The Skill of Self Development

I am fortunate to work in a culture which values leadership development. We work really hard on developing skills to have tough conversations, recruit other leaders, and cast vision for volunteer teams. We talk about […]

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What I’ve Learned So Far…

In my short time working in ministry, I have learned a few hard lessons. These are things I was probably told before I started, but you never really learn something until you learn something. Ya feel me? […]

The Why and the How…

The how we do ministry looks different in every church. Or at least it should… There are different people. Different cultures. Different cities. And with that in mind, we should make sure our how caters to the people in […]

What I learned Wakeboarding…

I recently had an interesting experience. A couple of weeks ago I was out on the lake with my fiance and her family spending some time breaking in their brand new boat. We had all […]