A packing list.

Oh yes! Tomorrow I will be leaving on a jet plane. My flight leaves in nine hours and thirty-six minutes. I am stoked.

Tonight my packing list includes…

  1. Toilet paper.
  2. Imodium.
  3. Tums.
  4. and some other things…

On a more serious note, I am expecting God to work in very big ways. Just a few minutes ago my parents and my brother and my sister crowded around me and prayed very big prayers for me and for Thailand. It was wonderful. We serve a big God who likes to show off his big muscles.

My brother prayed that tons and tons and tons of people would come to know Jesus.

Anna prayed we would find favor in the eyes of the officials, heads of state, and headmasters of the schools.

Mom prayed the language barrier would be no factor when the Gospel is being preached.

Dad prayed we would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us and we would preach the word with boldness and authority.

I payed we would become crazy fools for Jesus and he would be the God of the Old Testament once again. I asked for healings, visions, dreams, tongues of fire, and earth shattering power. The kind which is irrefutable. Amen.

I ask that you too continue to pray BIG prayers. I have seen a big God this past semester. I want Him to keep right on growing. For he is not a tame lion.

I have heard rumors and rumblings of those of who expect and believe God is a God who heals, grows grown bones, turns water to wine, fixes acl’s, repairs eye sight, straightens teath, gives dreams/visions, and delivers people from bondage in seconds are being called crazies and nut cases. I do believe, once having reached crazy status, we have entered into the very same footsteps of Jesus. I once heard it said he was either crazy or brilliant. I think both. I hope and pray I am counted among those who are “crazies” and “nut cases”. I hope to take my craziness to Thailand and bring many into fellowship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May we all become crazy.

If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God…

Tomorrow, I start an adventure.