A lot to say…

First of all, sorry it’s been a while since the last post. We have been traveling and running all over the place getting supplies and suiting up for the next adventure.

Saturday night was amazing. Throughout the night, we probably saw close to 300 different faces. We sang songs in Thai and English and played games with the kids. Bobby gave his testimony, I told the story of the prodigal son and the father who runs to us, and James spoke on how God has a plan for their lives. Overall, it was one of those experiences which edifies the body as a whole and is very encouraging to the spirit. It was so awesome to see so many kids who love the Lord and wanted to come and celebrate with us. It went better than either of us could have hoped. I truly believe the Lord blessed it and will use it for future work in the school! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts on the matter!

We left Sunday morning and headed back to Chiang Mai for some much needed rest and chillax time. I ate the best tasting hamburger in the world. I believe Jesus, himself, made it and sent it down just for me. Then Bobby and I got some supplies we needed and hooked up with Joel and Jerome for dinner. It was a sweet reunion and we had fun eating and spending the evening together. And last but not least, I took the first hot shower in three weeks on Sunday night. Amazing.

Monday was a travel day and we came to Mae Ai to spend the week with Natalie and Amanda. Joel and Jerome rode up with us, so all six of us were back together that night. It has been great being able to fellowship with one another and catch up on stories and share some of our own. We have been having a great time. The school here in Mae Ai is beautiful. It’s a lot bigger then Maelenoi and definitely not as remote. There is a 7/11 here.

Yesterday, the Kings representative came to the school and it was a big to-do. We just kind of sat around for four hours and and listened to some people speak a language we different understand. It was alright.

We slept in today. It was nice. I think that’s pretty much the plan for the rest of the week. Relax and spend time with Natalie and Amanda. Bobby and I head to Mea Hong Son city Monday to start teaching again.

Hopefully pictures will be up soon!

Thanks for praying.