A Bigger Picture (Part 5)

Jesus was either crazy or brilliant.

But, this is not really about that.

This guy said some pretty crazy stuff.

“It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a wealthy man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”
Excuse me?

“If someone strikes you on the right cheak, turn to the left.”
Why can’t I just punch him with my foot?

“If someone makes you go one mile, go for two.”
But, my feet hurt.

“If they take your jacket, give them your shirt too.”
Won’t I be cold?

“If you want to follow me, deny yourself and take up your cross.”
You mean the Roman cross?

Crazy. But, it’s not about that.

How many times do we find ourselves accusing God of being a nut case? I’ll be the first to admit, I have done it more in the last few months than most people will ever do in a lifetime. Try this on for size, “God. I know you made the universe and everything in it. But, you’re crazy.” Really?

I think it’s interesting, however, the times when we seem to think God is crazy are when we are faced with tough decisions, quetions with no answers, sickness, and heartache. I think I see a trend. Maybe it’s not about HIm being crazy but us not being able to trust.

A while back, I was reading my bible, and I came across the story of when Jesus raises Lazerus from the dead. Great story. The disciples came to Jesus and told him Lazerus was sick and was going to die. So, what does Jesus do? He decides to show up on the scene three days late. When Jesus gets to the place where they had buried Lazerus, the disciples came to him and told him he wasn’t in time. Jesus goes on to say he is the resurrection and the life. All those around said, “Yes, we know. At the end of times, you will bring life to all those who believe in you.” Then the story reads, “Jesus wept.” I think he wept because those around him didn’t believe he was capable of bringing Lazerus back. They were angry and upset because Jesus didn’t immediately come and fix the situation. Their lack of faith and understanding made Jesus weep. So, the story unfolds. Jesus asks to be taken to the place where Lazerus was buried. When he gets there, he walks up to the tomb. I imagine he walks forward and places his hands on the stone, feeling its warmth from the sun. He looks toward heaven and whispers a prayer. Then he steps back, and with a grin he yells, “Lazerus, my friend. Get up. Come and fellowship with us.” I can hear the whispers from the others even now. “What is he saying? He must be crazy.”

A few tense minutes pass. Then a rustle. A scuffle of feet. Then a few bewildered gasps as a man wrapped in buriel cloth walks from the tomb. He squints at the daylight. And smiling at Jesus, he gives him a hug and makes a joke about being hungry.

The best part is next. Jesus, smiles and turns to his disciples, friends and Lazerus. He looks them full in the face with eyes remembering the creation of the world and says, “Did I not tell you, if you would only believe you would see the glory of the Lord?”

Did I not tell you…

I think this is what it’s all about. We say, “You’re crazy.” He says, “If you believe.” Maybe, it’s not Him, it’s us.

Perhaps he was crazy brilliant.