I was driving to work the other day listening to the radio and the hosts of the show were talking about the upcoming year and some resolutions they were thinking about making. They mentioned the […]

A Quote.

“The Kingdom belongs to people who aren’t trying to look good or impress anybody, even themselves. They are not plotting how they can call attention to themselves, worrying about how their actions will be interpreted […]

Apart from me.

Summer is here. It has been awesome. I’m never going back to college and when I get home in the afternoon, there is no homework. That’s right, this post is being brought to you by […]

Honor. Adventure. Life.

I don’t even know where to begin. It has been so long since I last posted. Months and months really. This semester has been flying by. Student teaching, cycling, and friends have made the time […]

Why I Ride…

The alarm goes off before the sun comes up. Your body protests the early hour, but somewhere in the back of your mind you know it’s race day. So, you roll over and grab your […]

Fourteenth on the List (Be Like Kids Part 3)

Kamp is over. I’m home. And I got the flu. Awesome. But, I am thankful and content. One of the big teaching philosophies at Kamp is the principle, “I’m Third.” Basically, you put God first, […]

Slaying Giants. (Be Like Kids Part 1.1)

So, this is an addendum to the previous post. It is a similar story but I believe it is one worth telling. Because, if we’re all being honest, we have some giants to slay. We […]

The Home of the Brave (Be Like Kids part 1)

Friends. Yes and Yes. I am drinking coffee right now for the first time in over two weeks. Like I have said before, coffee is the lifeblood that fuels that hearts of champions. Today, I […]

The Least of These…

Friends, I am writing you from Branson, Missouri. The last ten days I have been living the life at K-Kountry hanging out with kids. Riding water slides. Playing football. And jumping on blobs. Obviously, the […]