A packing list.

Oh yes! Tomorrow I will be leaving on a jet plane. My flight leaves in nine hours and thirty-six minutes. I am stoked. Tonight my packing list includes… Toilet paper. Imodium. Tums. and some other […]

While across the biggest pond…

Hello! I had a meeting tonight with Mike (The man in charge, but not so much the man with the plan) and my three other fellows who will be flying to the other side of […]

Mountains moved…

Hello! Our God is a big, big God. We received word this morning that Dave and his family have been released and will more than likely be able to continue their work! I’ve come to […]

Urgent Prayer.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. I have copied an email sent to several of us from Mike. Please take the time to read and pray. Faith the size of a […]

Islamic Insurgency in Southern Thailand

PATTANI, Thailand – Muslim insurgents shot and killed five construction workers Thursday while they were entering a school in southern Thailand, police said. The attackers hid inside a house by the road and jumped out […]

Support Letter

Friends and Family, Hello! What a crazy semester it has been. One full of broken hearts, healing wounds, restoration, reconciliation and the Love of a Savior. If you will permit me a tangent, I feel […]