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Slaying Giants. (Be Like Kids Part 1.1)

So, this is an addendum to the previous post. It is a similar story but I believe it is one worth telling. Because, if we’re all being honest, we have some giants to slay. We […]

The Home of the Brave (Be Like Kids part 1)

Friends. Yes and Yes. I am drinking coffee right now for the first time in over two weeks. Like I have said before, coffee is the lifeblood that fuels that hearts of champions. Today, I […]

The Least of These…

Friends, I am writing you from Branson, Missouri. The last ten days I have been living the life at K-Kountry hanging out with kids. Riding water slides. Playing football. And jumping on blobs. Obviously, the […]

Sleeping Giants.

People I love the most are speaking truth into my heart a life. Through conversations shared while being perched precariously on railroad tracks high off the ground, late night back porch musing, and a couple […]

Get Aero, Son.

Florida is flat. It’s surprisingly difficult to ride on flat roads. There is no coasting. No climbing. No shifting in the saddle. No standing. No downhills. Just flat. It is the constant of revolutions as […]

Dedicated to Best Friends.

Dear Future Heir, A long time ago, when you were still young, you made a decision to follow after me. We walked together for many years. Through many highs and many lows, we traveled through […]

Update: Cycling, Diets, and 117.

It’s been a while since I last posted. So, here is an update on life. Last weekend was my first ever bike race where drafting was legal. It was awesome. I felt strong. All the […]

If You Only Knew…

Beloved, You never did grasp how wide, how high, how long, and how deep is my love for you. If you truly knew, if we truly knew, I wonder how different things would be. -junglejon

Lance Armstrong and Finish Lines.

(I’m writing this standing in line at the dinning hall.) Last week I was glued to the TV following the Tour Down Under, cycling’s first premier stage race of the season. For six days, professional […]

I have a dream…

[I’ve been reading Rob Bell’s Jesus Wants to Save Christians and I want to give some credit to where these thoughts are coming from.] We all have dreams. Whether they be the visions of sugar […]